The other side of MED Food TThubs: networking & research

In the past six months we attended several academic conferences and non-academic events to discuss the methodological approach we have adopted in MED Food TTHubs, talk about authentication protocols, traceability control systems and sustainability in the agri-food supply chains. 

Below, you can find a selection of those, so you can be up to speed with what is going on…

  • The LifeSpace Living Lab Re-Inauguration Ceremony 

In an exciting event that took place in June 2022, LifeSpace, a new version of the Living Lab at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, was inaugurated. This new Living Lab concept will host the Spanish TTHub which will focus on food and nutrition.

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • The IUPESM World Congress 2022 

In this online conference we had the opportunity to disseminate the importance of nutritional composition tools to promote health, make the use and understanding of the mandatory nutritional information easier for consumers, favouring healthier choices, and encouraging manufacturers to make products with a better nutritional composition.

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • The CEMEPE/SECOTOX 2022 Conference

In 2022 we also did not miss the opportunity to talk at the CEMEPE 2022 conference in Mykonos. Every year in a different place, the conference is an occasion for distinguished speakers from all Europe and worldwide to present their ideas, to exchange knowledge on current environmental science, engineering, and management issues and to share strategies, projects, successes: lots to learn!

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • Challenges and opportunities for the transport of products inside and outside the EU

In Thessaloniki, at an event organised by the Region of Central Macedonia in collaboration with the Federation of Industries of Greece and the Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas Network, we found widespread support to our belief that traceability and authenticity tools can help sustainable agri-food transportation and improve logistics. We also agreed that project’s TT Hubs should be turned into an asset for safe agri-food sector and be a great opportunity for international interaction and trade interest between in terms of agricultural products.

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • Meetings with pomegranate farmers

On July 2022, ESIM met with several local farmers in Testour and presented the MED Food TTHubs project and the important contribution of the e-platform in the traceability and authentication of Agri-products.

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • The “Trust centres and food traceability in the Mediterranean region” workshop

On August 2022, JUST held an introductory workshop to disseminate the MED Food TTHubs project and present its importance as a key project for all stakeholders in the Jordanian agri-food supply chain supply chain. 

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

  • The 86th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki

In the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, we had the chance to present the traceability approach of MED Food TTHubs and exchange on best practices and alternative methods and learn about important research achievements of GSRI-supervised Research and Technology Bodies and innovative enterprises, which foster innovation and the reconstruction of production.

To learn more about this event, you can click here.

Through these events, we aimed at spreading our insights into agri-food traceability and authenticity among a wider and wider public. If you haven’t seen us in action, make sure to check out our News section and come join us!

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