“Challenges and opportunities for the transport of products inside and outside the EU”

On July 12th, the Region of Central Macedonia held an opportunity to talk about the transport and export of products, the new conditions and the treatment of problems in the global scene.

The event was organised by the Region of Central Macedonia in collaboration with the Federation of Industries of Greece and the Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas Network, as part of the cooperation activities between Greece (Central Macedonia) and Peru (La Libertad), within the framework of the IURC (INTERNATIONAL URBAN AND REGION COOPERATION) program.

Representatives of both regions carried out a reflection process: since La Libertad faces challenges in water access, education, and agri-food, those provide the opportunity for institutions, experts and companies of Central Macedonia to develop bilateral relations to provide solutions to these challenges.

During the event, a presentation was held by CERTH, in which the MED Food TTHubs project was promoted. During her speech, Ms. Maria Batsioula presented the project, its purpose and its main goals among the participated companies, the regional delegates, and other interested stakeholders. 

The diverse mix of participants set the stage for an event that stood out in terms of the opinions and knowledge shared. What is more, this interaction would lead to a trade interest between both regions in terms of agricultural products (i.e.: quinoa, rice) but also the chance to exchange knowledge and transfer technology in this field: water management and cold/frozen chain technologies applied to sustainable agri-food transportation and logistics are identified as of common interest.

You can find the agenda of the event here.

Want to learn more? Visit the IURC Programme website here.

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