“Trust centers and food traceability in the Mediterranean region”: an introductory workshop on MED Food TTHubs

On 9th August 2022, our partners for Jordan held the opportunity to present the MED Food TTHubs project once more! 

The workshop “Trust centers and food traceability in the Mediterranean region” was organized by the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) aiming to demonstrate the vision and goals of our project. During the event, Dr. Fahmi Abu Al Rub talked about the project, presented the different stages and highlighted its importance to the agricultural and food industry sectors. He also mentioned the usefulness of the e-platform developed within the scope of the project, which is using blockchain technology and internet of things to allow stakeholders (farmers, consumers, whole sellers, retailers, etc.) keeping track of agrifood products starting from the stage of cultivation in the fields and farms to the end of their availability in the local and international markets. Besides that, focus was put on the seven TT Hubs for food traceability that will be established in all partners’ countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Jordan Tunisia and Egypt) facilitating partnerships between agricultural sector, food industries and private business sectors. 

During the event, Dr. Abu Al Rub met academics, students and directors from JUST and other participants from public and private sectors and presented the MED Food TTHubs e-platform and its implementation in Jordan. Thus, it was highlighted the importance of MED Food TTHubs as a key project for all stakeholders in the agri-food sector, since through the use of the e-platform along with the Hubs’ support, it allows traceability and control of any problem related to the food products at any stage of the supply chain until their arrival to the market and the final consumers. 

Finally, Dr. Abu Al Rub focused on the importance of this project and its connection with the Jordanian government’s adoption of a sustainable plan for the revitalization of the national economy, which relies largely on agricultural products and food industries. He concluded that the continuation of such activities will increase the confidence of the European consumers in Jordanian agrifood products and will enhance the export of these products to Europe.  

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