MED Food TTHubs is in the IUPESM World Congress 2022

Our partners from Spain, represented by Gloria Cea from Life Supporting Technologies (UPM), participated in the IUPESM World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (IUPESM WC2022) celebrated in Singapore from 12–17 June 2022!

The research work titled “Implementation of a digital technology to achieve reliable nutritional information on Mediterranean foods” is contextualised in the MED Food TTHubs project and was virtually presented as oral presentation. The congress focused on multidisciplinary discussions in the field of medical physics and biomedical engineering and was an enriching experience to disseminate the importance of nutritional composition tools to promote health, make the use and understanding of the mandatory nutritional information easier for consumers, favouring healthier choices, and encouraging manufacturers to make products with a better nutritional composition.

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