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Here you can find all news around the MED Food TTHubs project! Stay tuned to be the first to know about our upcoming news and events!

Training sessions on the TTHUBS e-plaform in Tunisia

The MedFood TThubs project aims to support the implementation of full-path tracing practices through the whole distribution channel from seed to shelf. For that purpose, Med Food TTHubs developed and supported the operation of a “Voluntary Scheme of Traceability of MED foods” through the use of a dedicated web-based platform.

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Training our stakeholders in Jordan

Do you remember we wrote about our first training workshop organised in Greece, to raise awareness of MED Food TTHubs locally and test a primary version of our e-platform? Here’s the second one: Jordan.  On the 8th of November 2022, another training session was organised for our stakeholders in Jordan. The event was

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MED Food TTHubs celebrates the annual Pomegranate Festival in Tunisia!

From October 29th to November 2nd, the city of Testour organised the 6th edition of the Pomegranate Festival and MED Food TTHubs held the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful fruit in different ways and to participate in several activities! During the consecutive days of this annual festival, our Tunisian partners disseminated the project’s activities

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MED Food TTHubs meets in Jordan!

After having visited Greece, it was the time for our consortium to meet in Jordan for the 6th MED Food TTHubs’ project meeting. On the 7th of November, we were welcomed by our partners in charming Marriot Resort, on the shores of the Dead Sea! On the first day, the consortium had the

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MED Food TTHubs’ 5th Newsletter!

Exciting times for MED Food TTHubs: full-path traceability is taking shape… Following a couple of months of activity, we are now entering a new phase in which outcomes are visible and results are measurable!  In this issue of our newsletter, we will present all the main outputs produced during the

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MED Food TTHubs meets Pomegranate farmers in Tunisia!

Over the years, pomegranate has aroused a growing interest in Tunisia, and especially in Testour (Northwest of Tunisia), where this fruit is the flagship product par excellence. And… guess what? Pomegranate has its own annual festival! This festival was selected by our Tunisian partners to disseminate the MED Food TTHubs project

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The other side of MED Food TThubs: networking & research

In the past six months we attended several academic conferences and non-academic events to discuss the methodological approach we have adopted in MED Food TTHubs, talk about authentication protocols, traceability control systems and sustainability in the agri-food supply chains.  Below, you can find a selection of those, so you can

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