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MED Food TTHubs’ 5th Newsletter!

Exciting times for MED Food TTHubs: full-path traceability is taking shape… Following a couple of months of activity, we are now entering a new phase in which outcomes are visible and results are measurable!  In this issue of our newsletter, we will present all the main outputs produced during the

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MED Food TTHubs meets Pomegranate farmers in Tunisia!

Over the years, pomegranate has aroused a growing interest in Tunisia, and especially in Testour (Northwest of Tunisia), where this fruit is the flagship product par excellence. And… guess what? Pomegranate has its own annual festival! This festival was selected by our Tunisian partners to disseminate the MED Food TTHubs project

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The other side of MED Food TThubs: networking & research

In the past six months we attended several academic conferences and non-academic events to discuss the methodological approach we have adopted in MED Food TTHubs, talk about authentication protocols, traceability control systems and sustainability in the agri-food supply chains.  Below, you can find a selection of those, so you can

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Expanding the network of MED Food TTHubs synergies…

Almost six months before the end of this journey, and as part of our commitment to expand our network, we are happy to announce that we have made new synergies with four exciting projects. Which are these projects and what they are about? SafeAgroBee contributes to adaptation and mitigation of the effects

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Taking stock of what we have…

Another six months have gone by, and several changes have happened, which we are excited about and look forward to sharing with you! Over the last semester, the MED Food TTHubs partners worked intensively on the development of our traceability e-platform, which is now available for use. In particular, on

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MED food TTHubs pilots

Our pilot activities are running! Register and dive into MED Food TTHubs’s world! Over the past months, we have been working round the clock to leverage cutting edge technologies such as blockchain and combine them with authentication processes to support full transparency in the agri-food sector. Now, we are ready

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New MED Food TTHubs publication: “Probabilistic Machine Learning for the Authentication of the Protected Designation of Origin of Greek Bottarga from Messolongi: A Generic Methodology to Cope with Very Small Number of Samples”

In their recently published paper on the Special Issue Applications of Machine Learning in Food Industry, the authors of this MED Food TTHubs-based publication studies the application of stable isotope analysis to discriminate the geographical origin of bottarga samples from Messolongi and samples from different regions and explains its use

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