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InoFA aspires to contribute to the maturation of the greek agri-food supply chain operations

The Internet of Food Alliance (InoFA) is a collaborative innovation cluster that brings together research and education institutions, the civil society and businesses across the agri-food supply chain in order to assist the implementation of state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

NextFOOD drives the crucial transition to more sustainable and competitive agri-food and forestry systems development by designing and implementing education and training systems to prepare budding or already practicing professionals with competencies to push the green shift in our rapidly changing society. 

A Collaborative and Action-Oriented Learning Model

MEDIFIT aims to enable traceability and authenticity control of traditional Mediterranean foods using latest analytical and software technologies.

The overarching objective of MEDIFIT is to enable traceability, authenticity control of traditional Mediterranean foods integrating innovative analytical methods and digital technologies. To accomplish that, the consortium will link Decision Support Systems (DSSs) to a cloud-based Distributed Data and Service Integration BackBone (DDSIBB) providing access to decentralized food integrity information repositories.

MEDIFIT will implement this IT-standards-driven solution for food integrity scenarios in two Mediterranean food chains: honey and cheese products by adopting a multi-actor approach from farm to fork. A key aspect of MEDIFIT will be to disseminate this platform to end-users, and organizing training courses for companies and stakeholders.

For more information, please visit full project website.

Fish chain is particularly vulnerable to frauds, primarily to species substitution and mislabelling. Seafood products are harvested, processed, shipped, and marketed by wholesalers, to ultimately be sold or served to final consumers. Today, consumers look for healthier, fresh, and natural food. 

Project coordinator, Dr. Marco de la Feld,
Scientific coordinator, Prof. Rossella Di Monaco,

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