MED Food TTHubs kicks off!

The new “Trace & Trust Hubs for MED food” project has finally taken off! Although the world has faced significant challenges during the last months, the 10-partner MED Food TTHubs consortium met up virtually on the 4th and 5th of May 2020 to share their expectations of this new 36-month project, funded by the PRIMA Foundation.

Running since 1st of April 2020, the MED Food TTHubs project will focus on providing safer and more sustainable Mediterranean food products. Born to support full transparency concerning the traceability and authenticity of Mediterranean food products, MED Food TTHubs is set on deploying trusted standardised approaches along with cutting-edge technologies to support the implementation of full-path tracing practices through the whole distribution channel from seed to shelf.

Over the two days of this first fully virtual kick off meeting, all partners had the opportunity to discuss their contribution to project’s goals and present their respective tasks, together with the challenges related to their implementation. The steps for the following months have also been presented and the action plan for the first semester has been agreed upon. Lots of fruitful discussion followed, focusing on the establishment and the pilot operation of 7 Trace and Trust Hubs, which will form a permanent transnational network playing the role of a one-stop-shop for traceability and authenticity for MED food products in each of the following countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

In the following months, many MED Food TTHubs activities will start. This meeting was only a promising start to this exciting project!

Stay tuned for the upcoming news and events, and keep safe!

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