Taking stock of what we have…

Another six months have gone by, and several changes have happened, which we are excited about and look forward to sharing with you!

Over the last semester, the MED Food TTHubs partners worked intensively on the development of our traceability e-platform, which is now available for use. In particular, on the basis of the feedback received via the internal testing of the alpha version, the e-platform has been updated. The improved beta version is now ready awaiting to be testing through our pilot activities. In parallel, several pilot cases have been defined and a growing number of stakeholders have been engaged to participate in our pilots. To attract even more potential users, we activated our networks, while utilising our relevant contacts was selected as the way forward. 

In the meanwhile, a set of training materials were developed and are available in our website. Also, we started to set-up Agro-Business Trace & Trust (TT) Hubs that will act as a facilitator for business, a MED Food TTHubs e-platform’s enabler, and a knowledge provider. Each TT Hub will be based on a business model following a public–private partnerships (PPP) approach to support one-stop-shop services for traceability and authenticity for Mediterranean food. To this end, an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework concerning the establishment and operation of public–private partnerships (PPP) models in the seven involved countries was undertaken. The analysis eventually pointed out the actual opportunities and barriers towards the establishment of PPP models for the operation of the Agro-Business TT Hubs. Besides that, a TT Hub PPP model elaboration has been also started to help formulate 7 national TT Hubs in the participating countries of the MED Food TTHubs project.  

The consortium partners participated in various interactive physical and online events – among fairs, webinars and workshops – to to remain relevant regarding the latest developments in the agri-food sector and present the MED Food TTHubs project. 

Four new synergies have been established – namely, with SafeAgroBeeMED-QUADSWITCHtoHEALTHY and SHEALTHY.

In the coming months, the consortium will keep on reaching out to MED Food TTHubs e-platform users to train them and obtain their feedback on the tool, as well as deploying additional strategies to attract new users. Finalisation of the e-platform’s beta version will also take place. Furthermore, and in view to matching the needs of each region in the participation countries about traceability and sustainability of local agro-food supply chains, relevant local entities and authorities will be invited to support the operation of the local TT Hubs (through Letters of Support). 

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