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Striving to expand our network of parties working at the traceability and authenticity control of Mediterranean food products, we are happy to announce that over the past semester we have established new synergies with two PRIMA projects…

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…the MEDIFIT project

The overarching objective of MEDIFIT is to enable traceability, authenticity control of traditional Mediterranean foods integrating innovative analytical methods and digital technologies. To accomplish that, the consortium will link Decision Support Systems (DSSs) to a cloud-based Distributed Data and Service Integration BackBone (DDSIBB) providing access to decentralized food integrity information repositories.

MEDIFIT will implement this IT-standards-driven solution for food integrity scenarios in two Mediterranean food chains: honey and cheese products by adopting a multi-actor approach from farm to fork. A key aspect of MEDIFIT will be to disseminate this platform to end-users and organizing training courses for companies and stakeholders.

For more information about MEDIFIT, click here or visit the full project website here.

…the SUREFISH project

Fish chain is particularly vulnerable to frauds, primarily to species substitution and mislabelling. Seafood products are harvested, processed, shipped, and marketed by wholesalers, to ultimately be sold or served to final consumers. Today, consumers look for healthier, fresh, and natural food. 

SUREFISH wants to tell consumers the story behind their seafood products, with final goal of valorising traditional Mediterranean fish, fostering the supply chain innovation and consumer confidence on Mediterranean fish products. SUREFISH will deploy innovative solutions to achieve unequivocal traceability, authenticity and preventing fish frauds. The technologies are based on Radio Frequency Indicators (RFID), Blockchain, Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) and tamper-proof technologies. Finally, SURFISH harmonizes and validates the pre-selected analytical methods and techniques for relevant fish frauds and creates a trans-national laboratories network. For more information about SUREFISH, click here or visit the full project website here.

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