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We are proud to announce the formation of the MED Food TTHubs Stakeholder & End-users’ Community (SC) consisting of recognised experts from the food industry, multipliers, academia, service providers, national policy-makers and administrators, all of them motivated to strengthen the documented traceability of the Mediterranean food supply-chain on a long-term basis.

MED Food TTHubs envisions a safe and sustainable supply chain of Mediterranean agri-food products, in which full-path practices are implemented to ensure full transparency concerning traceability and authenticity in the sector. The concept is simple: design, develop, test and deploy an e-platform and a “Voluntary Scheme of Traceability of MED foods”, and along with the Trace & Trust Hubs that will be established, bringing together various actors from agri-food providers to end-users and consumers, so as to provide transparency and trust throughout the whole supply chain.

In this context, MED Food TTHubs has set up a SC, currently comprised of 52 experts, reflecting a good blend of different organisation types, stakeholders, expertise, genders and geographic coverage across the Mediterranean basin. Thus, the MED Food TTHubs SC is composed of diverse actors, including stakeholders from the agri-food industry, academia, associations, as well as civil society sectors.

The members of the SC will provide the project with meaningful insights into the interests and views of their stakeholder communities based on their experiences and expertise. Moreover, the SC will be among the first to know the results of this project. According to their level of involvement (Level 1 or Level 2), the SC members will be involved in key stages of MED Food TTHubs and act as a consultation body for the consortium by providing valuable feedback aimed at better aligning project outcomes with the needs of its users and stakeholders. At the same time, the SC will support the testing and evaluation of the MED Food TTHubs e-platform, while it will also strengthen the pilot activities by linking the project to a wider industrial, research and policy landscape and suggesting potential actors through its network that can benefit from the MED Food TTHubs outcomes.

To fulfil this role, the members of the SC will participate in physical and virtual meetings through which they will have the opportunity to be introduced to MED Food TTHubs’ concepts and ideas. Besides that, the Level 2 of the MED Food TTHubs SC will interact on ad-hoc basis in order to provide advice, guidance and recommendations to other significant issues such as the assessment of both the performance and results of the MED Food TTHubs e-platform.

Are you interested in participating?

The SC of MED Food TTHubs is open for new members, allowing for further additional expertise and knowledge to flow into the project, while also extending its reach out to key stakeholder groups across Mediterranean and beyond.

Click here to discover more about the members of the MED Food TTHubs Stakeholder Community!

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