MED Food TTHubs visits SafeAgroBee…

On May 12th, 2022, the MED Food TTHubs consortium together with the MEDIFIT project enjoyed a field visit in Agios Mamas, Chalkidiki. There, they met another PRIMA project… SafeAgroBee!

In the research infrastructures of the Hellenic Apiculture Institute, we got to know each other and Dr. Fani Hatjina, as the coordinator presented the SafeAgroBee project, focusing on its main objectives and activities. Besides that, we gain valuable knowledge on sustainable beekeeping and adequate pollination services offered by the institute.

Thankful for the great hospitality, we left Agios Mamas and our new friends with a reinforced belief in the advantages of a multi-disciplinary perspective for a safe and sustainable Mediterranean agro food supply chain.

Stay tuned for all updates!

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