MED Food TTHUbs’ first public appearance!

The MED Food TTHubs project made its first public appearance!

On July 16th, Alexandria in Egypt held an opportunity to talk about the potential of food industry in MENA area recognising the importance of traceability and food-safety market.

The Regional Workshop, an online event organised by AASTMT, was focused on the innovation and development opportunities behind the use of ICT in the Food Processing sector.  The webinar hosted more than 100 attendees from academia, industry, intellectuals, government officials and developers among others, all of them motivated to strengthen the role of block-chain in Egyptian Food Industry. During the event, the MED Food TTHubs project was disseminated. Prof. Yasser Dessouky presented MED Food TTHubs and explained its main goals, while Dr. Ghada El Kady shared valuable knowledge about the activities and the establishment of seven pilot Trace & Trust Hubs in the participating countries throughout the project. 

The diverse mix of participants set the stage for an event that stood out in terms of the opinions and knowledge shared. What is more, this knowledge strengthens our idea of contribution in the MED Food TThubs project by establishing and operating Trace & Trust Hubs forming a transnational network playing the role of a one-stop-shop for traceability and authenticity for “added value” Mediterranean food products.

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