MED Food TTHubs’ 5th Newsletter!

Exciting times for MED Food TTHubs: full-path traceability is taking shape… Following a couple of months of activity, we are now entering a new phase in which outcomes are visible and results are measurable! 

In this issue of our newsletter, we will present all the main outputs produced during the last fruitful months: it’s now possible to catch a glimpse of what MED Food TTHubs plans to offer to the actors of the agri-food supply chain, and how the project connects to real market cases.

Make sure to have a read of our 5th Newsletter, providing a review of the work implemented. Have a look at the latest updates on the project’s progress, news and achievements of this fifth semester at the following link:

MED Food TTHubs Newsletter, Issue No 5

Are you curious to learn more? Then dive into the articles of our 5th MED Food TTHubs Newsletter. 


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