MED Food TTHubs’ 2nd Newsletter!

Time flies… One project year has passed and now, it is time for our next issue of the semestrial MED Food TTHubs Newsletter!

It’s been a long time since our last newsletter and we’re bursting with six months’ worth of news! So, you can expect issue N2 to be an exciting adventure! The analysis of our end-users’ needs and preferences, and our way towards getting the MED Food TTHubs e-platform into shape are just some of the stories on offer.  

Have a look at the latest updates on the project’s progress, news and achievements of this second semester at the following link:

MED Food TTHubs Newsletter, Issue No 2 

Scroll down and take your pick from the titles, or make yourself comfortable and enjoy a lightning-fast walk through the most important developments of our project! 

Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and enjoy the read!

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