Fourth semester: MED Food TTHubs is on!

Time flies, and MED Food TTHubs is in its 4th semester. During all this time we have been working on the core concept of the project: the MED Food TTHubs e-platform. So, what did we achieve?”

After a demanding software design process, persistent test and continuous improvements led to the alpha version of our e-platform. Ten individual modules have been developed and integrated, while their functionalities were also tested. Simultaneously with the launch of the alpha version, MED Food TTHubs has launched a pilot testing process for its consortium members. Thus, different scenarios have been prepared and will be implemented to evaluate e-platform’s interoperability, performance, usability, and security. The results and conclusion derived from this internal pilot testing will put flesh on the beta version, which in turn will pave the way for the final version of the MED Food TTHubs e-platform.

Meanwhile, to facilitate the assessment of our e-platform during the pilots, we have defined the methodologies, tools and quality indicators that will be used. Besides that, an external Advisory Board, which will involve Level-2 members of our Stakeholder communities, will use the abovementioned methodologies to by check e-platform’s quality and appropriateness. Finally, let’s not forget that we started an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework in all the involved project countries to shed light on the public-private-partnership (PPP) models, their opportunities and barriers that will enable the establishment and operation of our network of seven Trace & Trust Hubs (TT Hubs).

So, what’s next?

Now, MED Food TTHubs is looking forward to welcoming users from the Mediterranean agro-food landscape in the platform, piloting with them, get their feedback and live up to its premise of sustainable and safe food products. To this end, MED Food TTHubs is collecting and incorporating the feedback from the alpha testing into the platform. Within the next months, we foresee to finalise our e-platform and launch our pilot activities. In addition, a series of training events will take place, helping potential users participating in our platform to familiarize themselves with traceability and authenticity processes.

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