Focus Group meeting in Portugal

At the begin of September, on the 11th, the INOV team organised the 1st Focus Group meeting in Portugal, inviting a diverse and proactive stakeholder group, including representatives from associations of meat producers (Carnealentejana, ACPA, CAPOLIB, ACBM), governmental organisations (IAMA and CERCA), private associations (QUALIFICA and SPREGA) and consultants from the agro-food sector (CONSULAI). Their goal was double: to get informed on the project’s objectives and activities and to shed light on the current state of the Portuguese agro-food supply-chain, its structure and the traceability processes applied. 

Meaningful insights into the challenges and needs of the local had been collected during the meeting.  The fruitful discussion was focused on the existing control mechanisms for the certification and authentication of meat products in Portugal, the challenges faced by producers and the general public to ensure the authenticity of products available in large commercial operators, but also in small butchery shops and restaurants.

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