Expanding the network of MED Food TTHubs synergies…

Almost six months before the end of this journey, and as part of our commitment to expand our network, we are happy to announce that we have made new synergies with four exciting projects.

Which are these projects and what they are about?

  • The SafeAgroBee project

SafeAgroBee contributes to adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change and other drivers negatively influencing the sustainability and the resilience of the agroecosystems in the Mediterranean basin, ensuring the income of farmers and food security. The project focuses on beekeeping and on pollination services provided by both Apis and non-Apis bees as important drivers in ruling food security, biodiversity, and human well-being.

For more information about SafeAgroBee, click here or visit the full project website here.

  • The MED-QUAD project

Innovation and technology are recognised as a major driver for competitiveness and for long-run endogenous economic growth. However, most of Mediterranean regions are characterised by a high prevalence of micro enterprises, with difficulties to acquire the necessary skills to innovate and grow. MED-QUAD will address this challenge, aiming to nurture the innovation potential of the regions, by building up a cross- border cooperation scheme of the Quadruple Innovation Helix.

For more information about MED-QUAD, click here or visit the full project website here.

  • The SWITCHtoHEALTHY project

SWITCHtoHEALTHY aims to generate a dietary behaviour change by demonstrating and reinforcing the role of the family in promoting a sustainable change towards enhancing the adherence to the Mediterranean dietary pattern of the family members (adults, adolescents, and children). This will be done by making available to families a combination of hands-on educational material and digital tools and complementing the dietary and lifestyle recommendations with easy-to-eat healthier snacking products.

For more information about SWITCHtoHEALTHY, click here or visit the full project website here.

  • The SHEALTHY project

SHEALTHY aims to assess and develop an optimal combination of non-thermal sanitization, preservation and stabilization methods to improve the safety (inactivation of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms), while preserving the nutritional and organoleptic quality and prolonging the shelf-life of fresh and minimally processed F&V products.

For more information about SHEALTHY, click here or visit the full project website here.

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